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    Dalith Kressan


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    Dalith Kressan

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    Species/Race: Human

    Name: Dalith

    Title(s): Raven, Striker, or his personal favorite "That bastard!"

    Last Name: Kressan

    Gender: Male

    Age: He believes himself to be about twenty, twenty three at the most

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 122 without any sort of armor

    Hair color: Brown hair with many streaks of blonde, in short. A bloody mess of blonde and brown

    Facial Appearance: When Dalith looks at you the first thing you notice is his eyes. The odd shade of blue catches you by surprise, though you would quickly notice his other facial features. Filled out face, most features completely and utterly flawless. Locks of his middle-length hair is flanged across parts of his face, in addition to sticking out in all directions around his head. Even with all of these features, you notice he has a hard look as if he has seen much bloodshed in his life. He doesn't say much, but you can assume he is exetremely dangerous.

    Bodily Appearance: When looking at Dalith, you would usually see him in light armor, giving slight hints to his somewhat muscular figure beneath. Everything he wears is usually black, black as night. Rarely there is a signet or anything of another color displayed when he is in armor. Sometimes, you may catch him in a more casual sense noticing the loose cloth clothes he wears. They look tattered and worn to say the least.

    Home Planet & Current Residence: Unknown; well at least to you. His current residence is likely his starship, though this may be wrong.

    Allegiance: Neutral.

    Profession: Though he is classified as a smuggler to most of the bounty boards he appears on, he prides himself as a bounty hunter of sorts. Or in short, an assassin.

    Weaponry: Dual - rapid fire pistols slightly modified. A sniper rifle like blaster, he seems to prefere this. A Vibro - knife. A single or blits fire heavily modified blaster (looks similar to one that a trooper would use).

    Items: An assortment of gadgets and kits such as one for splicing or a med kit, a number of fake-ID cards, an assortment of poisons of varying strength.

    Number of Sucessful Smugglings: Unknown

    Number of Sucessful Kills: Unknown


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    Re: Dalith Kressan

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    ====================Lore/Character History Post====================

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