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    Avidea Snocami


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    Avidea Snocami

    Post  Caelin on Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:19 pm

    Species/Race: Human

    Name: Avidea

    Middle Name: Lenard

    Last Name: Snocami

    Nickname: N/A

    Gender: F

    Date of Birth: Unknown

    Place of Birth: Unknown

    Date of Death: N/A

    Place of Death: N/A

    Age: Looks to be in her mid 20's

    Height: 5'6

    Weight: 113lb

    Hair Color/Style: Long, blond hair.

    Facial Appearance: Has a thin, heart-shapped face. Strands of her long blond hair
    wrap around her face, curving around the long, delicate skin around neck in just the right angle. Hair that almost always is in her face or tucked behind her ear. A small nose hovers just above her full thick lips. Emeraled shapped eyes watch her srroundings curiously and carefuly.

    Eye Color: Emeraled Green

    Body Appearance: Has the perfect curves down her body. Usaly wearing tight, low fitting leather or cloth shirts, they hug tightly around her medium sized busom, the shirts usaly ending in a slight tear or fray around her hips, or higher along her stomach. Cloth pants with leather straps hanging around her legs and between them hug her hips and bottom perfectly, the cloth usaly frayed up long, smooth legs up to her knees. Simple, soft - yet hard - brown boots are snug on her small feet. Feet that are constently being turned in odd angles, getting trapped in holes in the road. Don't be fooled though, this clumbsy matter saves her skin -almost- always.

    Home Planet: None, believed to be born on a starship.

    Current Residence: Ord Mantell

    Allegiance: Neutral.

    Profession: Smuggling / Criminal Activities.

    Armor/Clothes: Socializing - not on a mission - : would be wearing a thin cloth tunic either sleeveless or with thin straps. The shirt would advertize her chest in a stunning matter. Brown rugged cloth pants would hug her hips, leather straps falling around her theighs, falling around and between them. Two blaster holders would be at her side, holding Dual (Illegally) Modified Blasters. Tucked inside her boots would be a Vibro Knife or two.----------------------- In combat - on a misson - : would be wearing a thin cloth tunic, with thick straps or with sleeves. Thick leather gloves would hug her rough hands, holding some sort of Vibro Knife inside hidden pockets. A leather vest would be over her tunic, the vest having all sorts of pockets for diffrent devices she uses often. Thick, but light leather pants would cover her hips and legs, many pockets inside, and out. Thick leather boots would hug over her pants.

    Primary Weapon(s): Dual (Illegally) Modified Blasters.

    Secondary Weapon(s): Vibro Knife.

    Miscellaneous Item(s):Lock pick set, Health Pack, Assortment of Stimulants, ID Card , Three Open ID Cards, Splicing Kit, Scarps of paper with key codes written down on them. A blue crystal on a thin but sturdy chain around her neck.

    Number of Shipments Smuggled: 53

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