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    Gene Ka'jall


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    Gene Ka'jall

    Post  Jokah on Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:03 am

    Gene is a smuggler turned trooper so he has a pretty unsual skill set. He is larger than life standing well above 6'5" His armor is always on and its the heavy stuff. He can lift well over twice his weight, that factors to almost 300 pounds. in his childhood he was known to be a mechevious child. He had a good family, untill the jedi showed up. They took his brother to become a jedi. He still wonders why they didn't take them both. So the first chance he got he left and went to Nar Shadda. There he quickly became a smuggler and would travel all around the galaxy. But he grew tired of his life as a smuggler. so he took a few years to travel and learn, he learned feild medicine, slicing computers, and echani martial arts. later on he eventually became a rebublic soldier.
    but grew tire of that untill he was told of the jendai. He had thought that he could finally see his brother. but that will have to wait to happen. He is very protective, and he is very quirky, and he will tell you how he feels about you with no regret. He is trained to be a sniper.

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