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    Seth "Wild Heart" Grey

    Wild Heart
    Wild Heart

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    Seth "Wild Heart" Grey

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    Species/Race: Human

    Name: Seth

    Middle Name: None

    Last Name: Grey

    Nickname: "Wild Heart"

    Gender: M

    Date of Birth: Unknown

    Place of Birth: Unknown

    Date of Death: TBA

    Place of Death: TBA

    Age: About twenty three-ish give or take a few years.

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: 140lb

    Hair Color/Style: Short brown hair, almost a dirty blonde, but not quite.

    Facial Appearance: Seth has deep dark brown eyes that are like two drops of dark chocolate, you know the kind that is "good" for your health. His silky, short, brown hair is worn as bed hair, ruffed and messed up as if he doesn't care, or have the time to care. His skin is tan.(Had to put that in there, somewhere.) He has delicate ears and a very, normal looking chin.

    Eye Color: Dark, dark brown.

    Body Appearance: Seth is not the most muscular man in the world--universe, he mostly trusts his handy dandy weapons to get him through a fight. Normally wearing some sort of Grey cloth tunic and pants, possibly black if he's in the mood. Strapped to his waist his "Old Bessy." His handy dandy pistol that he goes nowhere without. Seth also wears a pair of black boots, snug on his medium sized feet. Lastly he wears a pair of black gloves to keep his hands safe.

    Home Planet: Alderaan

    Current Residence: Alderaan

    Allegiance: Neutral.

    Profession: Smuggling / Criminal / Mercenary Work

    Armor/Clothes: :Would be wearing a thin grey cloth like tunic and pants that hug snuggly around his not so muscular body and that hide a surprising amount of pockets for gizmos gadgets and weapons, with "Old Bessy" strapped to his hip, and a knife in his boot his ready to lock and load. Seth would also be wearing black gloves to cover and protect his hands.

    Primary Weapon(s): T-15 modified blaster.

    Secondary Weapon(s): Small Metal Knife, hidden in his boot.

    Miscellaneous Item(s): Health Pack, ID, a small bag of chocolates.

    Number of Shipments Smuggled: 15

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